The Ninja RPG: Bloodline

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The Ninja RPG: Bloodline

Post  Haku on Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:02 am

H Rank


S Rank

Vengeance of the Serpent King

A Rank

Legend of Blue Blade


Shiroi Youso

Mystic Kinship

Sands of Time

Spirit Warrior

Volcanic Tempest

B Rank

Tetsu Hei

Will of Glacier

Silver Moon

Nature's Blessing

Mirage of the Wise

C Rank

Consuming Demon

Death Solstice

False Strength

Focused Mind

Raikou Sensu

Pride of the Juggernaut

Steel Mind

Chikushou Genkai

Sealed Earth Spirit

Elemental Vacancy

D Rank

Double-Edge Demon

Five Point Sealed Demon

Frail Body

Iron Skin

Katon Seal

Sick Body

Susanoo of the Sea

Weakened Being

Weak Heritage

Armored Beast


Cold Blooded

Earthly Statue

Serene Mind

Strong Psyche

Thick Headed

Weakened State


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